Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Grand Day Out

Sunday was cage cleaning day.  We spent some time hanging out with Pinniped and Cannoli during their floor time.  It was great seeing Pinni tool around the floor.  Pinni may not be feeling her best, but it's not stopping her from puttering around.  She spent some time playing with the egg-cersizer and exploring the cozies and hay tube.

I was a mean mommy and loosed Cannoli in the middle of the kitchen.  She didn't freeze solid like last time but took only a few steps before loafing.  When Rob walked away get his camera, Noli was torn between heading to where he had been standing, or following him across the floor.  Oh!  These big decisions are so taxing!  I took pity on her and placed her by the side of the island, at which point she recognized how to get to home base and took off.

Pinni was front and center when I pulled a handful of dandelions from the fridge.  She'd eaten at least two stems before Cannoli had the courage to wander to the edge of the fleece.  Even then, Noli  was more interested in pilfering Pinni's dandelions than taking any from me.  She took off as soon as the last leaf was eaten, but Pinni took some convincing.  She stood there and thoroughly sniffed my hands, hoping I had some more hidden up my sleeve.

Of all the floor time shots, I was rather amused by a pair of photos capturing both Noli and Pinni in he same pose.  Looks like they were in the process of a U-turn.  A matching pair of cashew-shaped pigs.

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