Friday, November 28, 2014


I had big plans when I bought earring supplies.  I needed studs for the guinea pig earrings, but I also bought silver and gold tone French hooks.  My old Sculpey book has instructions for dangly flower earrings.  I've been dying to make these for years and now I finally had the time and materials.  Now was my chance to make them.

It ended in total disappointment.  The directions were terrible.  I had no problems with other projects I pulled from this book.  Then again, I usually just glance through the instructions and go with what feels right.  The fuchsia earrings were a different style than what I normally did, so I followed the instructions step by step.  What I ended up with didn't look at all like the photos.  Clearly whoever made earrings in the photograph didn't write the instructions.  Bah!

Then I tried to make some guinea pig dangle earrings.  I had ideas, but occasionally my hands can't create what my mind dreams up.  Oh, well.  I may have to think about that some more.  I like wire earrings so much more than studs, and I'd like to make some more earrings for myself.

After being frustrated with my failures, I tinkered with some veggies, instead.  Those I'm familiar with!  Years ago I made a bunch of fruit and veggie magnets (and one set of wine charms, too).  Those were so fun to make.  Success at last.

The Sculpey goes back away after this.  Back to the sewing machine - I have Christmas presents I need to get cracking on.

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