Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Hexie Templates

Whenever I get a pile of crumbs, I do some more work on my QAYG hexies.  The card stock templates I made weren't bad, but they were getting a little worn.  I didn't realize how much I'd use them.  I needed something that could take the abuse.

I have pieces of plexiglas, leftover from when I had to chew-proof the bars of the guinea pig cage.  Luckily, my current pair aren't as industrious as past guinea pigs.  I had success cutting the plexiglas to fit the cage, so I decided to try making two hexagrams with them. 

Plexiglas isn't difficult to work with.  I traced paper copies of the card stock templates and taped them to the acrylic.  Then I scored and snapped it.  Most of it broke cleanly; the little pieces left were surprisingly easy to break off as well (I just needed a pair of pliers to grab hold).  I sanded the edges and voila!  Two new templates.

The small hexagon needed a bit more sanding so the rotary cutting blade wouldn't catch on the edge.  Both templates slid terribly on the fabric when I tried them out.  I read on Muse Bay Muses about using bandaging tape as ruler grip.  I had bought a role of tape, but my rulers stay put.  Finally, a chance to use the stuff - it works!

My templates aren't perfect, but they're a great match to my card stock ones.  Buying templates would have been the easier way to go, had I realized they'd get so much use.  But I'm excited how these turned out.  I'll enjoy working with them.  Plus it's cool to know I could make more customized rulers, if I wanted.  It was a fun side project.

Now, back to sewing.

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  1. i had no idea plexi is easy to work with! Thanks! I love learned things that open up more options.


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