Monday, March 21, 2016

Border Dilemma

I designed my border, crunched numbers and went to the fabric store.  I envisioned a creamy peach for the border, but the bolts I pulled all fought with the pinks in the quilt.  Beige and bone didn't look right.  I ended up, surprisingly, with baby blue.  It worked better than any other solid I put near the quilt. 

I centered the colored strips to the middle of the block, not including it's outside sash.  That was the plan.  I also plan to bind it in blue, because I didn't want a hard grey edge around the whole quilt.  The idea was to have the edge fade away, so your eye was drawn to the middle of the quilt.  (Plus - I'm out of the grey and fear that I won't get an exact match from another bolt.)

But now that I've sewn the first side together it looks a lopsided, like I couldn't figure out where the center was.  Nope.  I did this on purpose.  That part of me says "stick with it."  On the other hand, if I just move the colored strip down a half inch, it would be centered on the blue itself (well, minus the binding).  I would have to rip apart and fix the one corner I've sewn together, but I happened to cut the rest of the corner pieces with enough extra to handle the adjustment.

I have to make my mind up before I cut any more blue or sew any more corners.  I suspect, in the end, I will stick with the way it is now.  Maybe I should throw it on the table and see how it hangs.  I was hoping to have this done for Easter, but I'll need to commit to a plan of action soon if I have any chance of that!

Update:  I threw it on the table last night.  I think I'm good with it.  Back to sewing!


  1. could you lay it on a bed, to get another perspective? I can't really say, from the pictures what might work. I am not married to symmetry myself, and think the character will change when all borders are on, but you don't want to waste time or fabric...

  2. I like it :) Good luck with your timeline!

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