Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Up and Running

It's amazing what some oil will do.  The 99 had been running along, but I'm sure the gears were as dry as bones (no oil in 15 years).  I picked up some oil over the weekend.  It's a quiet machine and now it runs even quieter.

I was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic at applying the oil?  I must have gotten some on the bobbin winder's contact wheel, so it kept slipping.  Took a few minutes to figure out what I'd done wrong.  The bobbin had wound perfectly just the other day.  I can't believe I've already run through a full bobbin of thread on this machine.

My regular sewing machine is due back tomorrow.  Yay!  The Key West quilt is on hold until it returns.  In the meantime I worked on some of the selvage triangles and sewed together some crumbs.  I found out the 99 and my 714 both take the same bobbin.  That's cool - all of my wound bobbins can go in either machine.  So I loaded up the colored thread and finished off some hexies as well.

Sunday night I was rushing to finish my sewing so Rob and I could watch TV together.  He commented:  since the new machine was portable, I could haul it into the living room.  Ooh.  TV and sewing.  That could be a dangerous combination.  I usually just listen to whatever he has on as I sew.

My pile of string triangles is quite impressive - just under 100 blocks.  I figure 20-40 more would give me enough for a lap-sized quilt.  I have no ideal what I'll do with it - but that's when I'll stitch them together.  I have 75 hexies.  I need to decide what I'm making with them, so I can start sewing them together.

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  1. whats going on with those hexies? Are they already quilted and you'll zigzag them together? LeeAnna

  2. Beautiful string projects! Aren't vintage sewing machines the greatest!

  3. Wow! Great scrappy projects! Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  4. Did you use one piece of material to bind them? How did you do those nice seams in the binding? I love them!

    1. It's a solid back, and it's folded over to the front to make the binding. If you google "QAYG Hexies" you can find several tutorials on how to do it. Maybe I'll post how I do it, too!


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