Thursday, October 27, 2016

Aren't We Cute?

In case you didn't get enough of Boadicea and Wedgwood being cute, I'm sharing a few more photos.

This first one makes me laugh every time I see it.  Pretty much sums up the photo shoot.  Wedgwood was hamming it up in almost ever photo.  Boadicea often looked like she wanted to be elsewhere.

I mean, just look at those faces.

Wedgwood:  Are you handing out treats?

Boadicea:  Are we done yet?

Wedgwood:  I know you got something - don'tcha wanna share??

Boadicea:  There's nothing here.  See?

That's a common exchange in this household.  (I've been known to do that to Rob if he has something that looks tasty.)


  1. Your girls ARE totally cute! Just looking at their pig-tures make me smile.

  2. Great pictures - put a big grin on my face :) You sure know your girls!


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