Saturday, October 22, 2016


This is a post about dancing that features photos of quilts.  Yeah, a little odd.  I wasn't about to pass up a dance so I could show you what that looks like.  And those quilts were gorgeous.  How could I not share those?

I was disappointed that my trip to Minnesota coincided with two contra dances I really wanted to attend back home.  Lo and behold, I discovered there would be two dances in Minneapolis during my trip at a place called Tapestry.  I was unable to make the techno contra, which I'm sure would have been fun.  However, I did attend the Saturday night contra dance.  I'm so glad I made it.

People said it was a small showing that night.  It looked good to me - there were two solid lines for most of the night.  The atmosphere reminded me of the Rehoboth dance so I felt right at home.  Not a lot of young people, but plenty of energy.  The caller was solid and the band had a great sound (made it easy to ignore the occasional synchronization issues).  We danced to an interesting mix of contras, plus a mixer circle and a square dance.

It's a small world.  I was told that someone from Massachusetts had been at the techo dance the night before.  I met another newcomer from Missouri.  He was asking about the dance; I had to laugh and say I was from out of town, too.  I also met a man that will be moving to Rehoboth.  I was shocked.  Most people in Massachusetts have never heard of Rehoboth (unless they contra dance) - and here was someone moving to the area.  I told him I'd keep an eye out for him at the dance.

It was difficult to leave after the break; I would have loved to stay longer.  But I needed to be alert to return to the rental without getting lost (GPS?  Smart phone?  What are those?).  What a delightful time.  I will certainly bring my dancing gear again for any future trips to the Twin Cities.

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  1. we were just saying we haven't contra'd in a while. Good for you girl


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