Sunday, February 2, 2020

Cleanup and Startup

Printing on freezer paper is always an adventure.  Sometimes it prints, sometimes it jams and shreds.  I printed several of them before the printer started eating all the sheets.  Ironing a strip of paper at the top (the sheet on the far right) fixes that problem.  But that means I need to stop and iron in between cutting freezer paper and printing.  More work, but more reliable results.  I printed each turtle (or parts of turtles) three times, so I can cut all the individual freezer paper templates I need to assemble the whole turtle.  I am hoping to cut them apart and start ironing them to the fabric this week.

I still haven't gotten around to frankensteining the batting - really need to do that.  Plus I've got a coil bowl in the works.  And of course there's the wavy blocks.  I've been playing with layout.  Not sure if I want to keep them all in one direction.  Hmm...  And I wonder if sashing would add to it, or if I should just sew it all together just like this.

Obviously, need more playtime.  But I'll photograph the various changes and see what speaks to me the most.

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  1. Your curvy blocks remind of an overhead photo, somewhere in the southwest with red cliffs along a river! :) Such a beautiful view! Meanwhile, I'll enjoy seeing how your turtles come together, too.

  2. Your turtle project has me intrigued. Have I said before how much I love your curvy blocks. Just in case you have forgotten....I do. =)

  3. the curvy blocks are very visually active, so keeping the lines going the same way gives you order. What are you doing with turtles?

  4. Love the look of that wavy pattern - very effective!

  5. I love the continuing journey of these turtles. I find it fascinating to watch you create. I don't know if you know of these or not, but I think both Fons & Porter & Piece of Cake design, used to or may still carry freezer paper sheets that are sized to fit printers. The other thing about printing on freezer paper, now that it's no longer waxed. It is coated with a plastic film, so as your printer gets warmer the current version of freezer paper will 'melt' and jam up your printer not by sticking to the printer but by sticking to other sheets of paper.

  6. How did you do the wavy blocks? Is there a tutorial? Nancy A:


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