Saturday, February 22, 2020

Stitching Turtles

Typical me:  I read the instructions to this quilt, then did something different.

It directed me to add the borders, layer the batting and start sewing.  I wanted to give the turtles a little more bulk.  So I put batting under them, stitched, and then trimmed the batting close to the edge.  I included the head, but left out the flippers.  This will puff them up slightly to give them a bit more dimension.  I think I may want to add a second layer just under the shell to give that a little more depth.

I was given two fabrics for the border.  I tried them out the other day.  We decided the blue inside and green outside was best. 

I've finished the shells of the medium and tiny turtles.  I'm tackling the big one today, then deciding on a second layer and adding the borders.  I have some ideas how I want to quilt the rest of it. 

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  1. Your doing a great job with the turtles. It will be a beauty when finished.

  2. Wow, your turtles are looking fabulous! Love the added puffiness to them and how their 'shells' pop from the background fabric. I must say I am loving the fabric for the water and those two borders are perfect.


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