Thursday, July 23, 2020

I Like Thursday: Down to Earth

Lots of outdoor photos again.  I didn't have a chance to write its own blog post, so they get included in my likes on Thursday!

I continue to discover new stuff at Cranberry pond.  There were so many dragonflies!  And lots of colors.  Look at the purple and blue on this one that took a ride on my kayak.

The water level has dropped quite a bit in the last few weeks.  This cormorant took the advantage of an exposed log to hang out.  I got quite close and he wasn't flustered at all.

New little flowers have sprouted up.  These ones were magenta with small spiky leaves.  And there was a sea of purple.  So pretty against the green.  This is only a small section of the purple blossoms.  I got a chance to kayak with my sister at Cranberry pond one evening, which was nice - we had the whole pond to ourselves.

We went out to see the comet.  I drove to a great spot... that was facing the wrong direction.  Wait, what?  But wasn't the sunset pretty?  A beautiful misty evening.

After driving around a bit, Rob got me pointed in the right direction and we found a great spot to see the comet.  Glad I brought the binoculars - I could barely see it even knowing where it was.  Did you get a chance to see NEOWISE?

It's been humid - it makes for pretty sunbeams on our morning walk.  I tried to capture it.

We met yet another local critter on our walk.  Thankfully, this one was a lot smaller than a bear:  a snail.  He was very, very slowly trying to cross the road.  Hope he made it across!

I've made a little progress on the dress.  I adjusted the back and really like how this looks.  I basted it into place, which makes it so much easier to try on!  Currently the front is not behaving.  While I take a break from fighting the dress, I've sandwiched the wavy quilt and have played with some of my clean-up projects.

Gotta get back to that dress.

Rob joked that I coped a lot on Monday... and I have to agree that I coped pretty well! least with the picture railing and the coping saw.  I have successfully cut out the matching edge to line up with the other piece of picture railing in my sewing room.  If all goes well, I'll install it today.

Oh, I love rain and thunder.  Which we've had all evening.  Yay for rain.  We really need it.

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  1. No comet viewing for us! We usually aren’t successful at getting away from the ambient light. It’s not a big city, but my, there are lights everywhere. Lovely dragonfly. Hope your good week, continues!

  2. I love dragonflies esp. knowing they eat up mosquitoes. But they do come in an interesting array of colours. What pretty pond plants flourishing there this summer. Lucky capture of a cormorant. You are a busy gal!

  3. it's hard to sew on knits! the dress is very artsy! that purple dragonfly is so cool... needs to be a small art quilt, no? The misty rays pic is perfect. I can't seem to find the comet... we looked but so many clouds.

  4. Hi Sally! Oh, I love listening to it rain and thunder. It always makes me thankful to be inside, safe and sound. And of course, also thankful for the needed rain. You did a great job on coping that piece of wood! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Rain and thunder? I vaguely remember those sounds.Great photos of the dragonfly and sea of purple. What scenery you have around you. Enjoy.

  6. Cranberry Pond looks like a beautiful spot and I always enjoy your photos, Sally! The flowering lily pads are so pretty. Love your sunset, too! We haven't gone out to see the comet because we'd probably have to go a long way to get away from city light, but glad to know you saw it. Enjoy the rain! We could use some here, too.

  7. What a lovely place to kayak! We couldn't see the comet here (city life and cloud coverage). Love your photos and the dress is is so pretty! Have a great day!

  8. You took such beautiful pictures! You live in a really pretty area. I didn't see the comet. It's hard to see anything around my house. We had a few thunderstorms yesterday and it was great to see all that rain! It's been a dry summer!

  9. I didn't get a chance to see the comet. Too much light pollution North of me from The Detroit Metro area. :( Great pics, the water hyacinths are they native to your area? I know that in California they are invasive. I have been seeing some huge dragonflies this year. One reminded me of a B52 the other day he was so big.


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