Thursday, May 19, 2022

I Like Thursday: Daffodils and Dancing

Missed last week's I Like Thursday - too much going on, but nothing really to write about.  I'll have to catch up this week.

I like daffodils.  We passed this house in Leverett that had the entire yard (seriously, the WHOLE yard) covered in daffodils.  It was amazing enough to stop the car to get photos.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  Simply beautiful.

Look!  Look!  Do you remember when I jazzed up this dress?  Well, I finally got to get dressed up in it for English Dancing!  Wow - I got to do up my hair, put on some jewelry, put on my new name tag, too!  Dressing for public consumption - what a strange sensation.

Lots of precautions for the dance: vaccinated, boosted, negative test results and N95 masks were all required.  I appreciated the smallish turnout - I'm not sure how I'd have felt with a large crowd.

It was good to see people, hear the live music and dance.  I recognized the dance calls, but my feet didn't always remember where to go.  Turns out I wasn't the only one - I spoke to a few people who had the same struggle. 

Spent Sunday weeding the garden.  You should have seen the wheelbarrow full of the stuff!

I found this spider with an egg sack crawling across the back step.  I disturbed another one like it while pulling weeds.  I guess it's the time of year.  I was amazed how big the sack was compared to the spider.

This bird is on the wrong side of the glass.  I was sitting in my office when I heard the fluttering of wings and looked up to see a bird flying through the living room.  Say what?!?  

I walked in to see a little grey bird throwing itself against the window trying to get out.  I opened the sunroom door and drew the shades hoping to coax him out.  But the little bird was really distressed and getting tired out.  Instead I simply picked him up.  At that point I identified him as an eastern phoebe.  I walked outside, opened my hand and away he flew!

The phoebes have been making a nuisance of themselves - a pair of them got stuck in our garage overnight a few days ago.  They've been trying to build a nest on top of the outdoor thermometer.   What a mess!  

Once I let him go, I wondered how on earth he got into the house.  I discovered the back door had blown open.  That would do it

My sister and I fixed her kayak (yay!) and got to do a little paddling on Tuesday evening.  A good way to end the day.

And lastly, a video:  I like some of the fun stories when good guys go after scammers.  Go get 'em!


  1. Isn't it amazing when you see a yard with so many flowers? You look fabulous, and how awesome you got out to socialize. I will say I am envious you got yard work accomplished, my day off it rained. Sorry, not sorry. I will pay for it eventually. And you made it out to kayak, I think a grand week of likes!

  2. Beautiful daffodils - I love seeing them, too! Love that you got to dress up and go dancing. I bet your feet will get the hang of it again. I'm glad you were able to get the little bird out. They seem to get so confused about how to do that - I had that happen in my classroom once! I've been waving at you from Boston this last week!

  3. Oh yes! I remember the dress! Glad you got to go dancing! Fun! It would be amazing to see an entire yard of daffodils! Poor bird! Ya gotta love ‘em, but sometimes they are a nuisance! Man, those scammers are ruthless!

  4. I also remember the dress. You look lovely with your hair done like that and gussied up a bit too. How nice to get back to the dancing! And kayaking too. I have a raven that's hanging around long enough I've named him Raymond. I think he may have scared off the Eastern Phoebe just as she finished the nest on our veranda beam. It's getting a little too birdy here, LOL. But I haven't had one IN the house yet. LOL

  5. You look great in that pretty dress! I have to replant my tulips and daffodils. I think they died off. It's nice you got the bird out of the house. I had a bird in my chimney once. I think it flew out. Enjoy the heat this weekend!

  6. I just loved everything about this post. I'm even not jealous but happy for you to dance again!
    SO glad to hear they required masks,... so many partners, panting, and exchange in these dances and vaccines don't seem to keep you well from variants. I'd love to feel the music and dance again and so glad you got to, you look lovely
    poor little misplaced bird, you were good to be earth's caretaker and show her out. You care about the safety of all God's creatures from spider to bird to human.


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