Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Stink Eye and Accomplishments

Foster guinea pig Laylla's pups continue to entertain.  

Crackle has so much attitude in such a small package.  He's also an expert at giving me the stink-eye.  He's the biggest of the trio, weighing in at a whopping 150g.  So strong and wriggly, too, considering he can fit in the palm of my hand.

Snap was so proud of himself on Saturday - he was the first to get up to the second level of the cage.  He used the side of the cuddle cup to give him a boost.  Regardless, he did a few victory popcorns to celebrate.  Snap will go up there on his own sometimes, just because he can.

Crackle has also figured out how to get up there, but generally makes the leap up only if Laylla is up there, too.

Pop has not figured it out.  I've airlifted him up there a few times to join in, if he seems lost and alone on the first level.  But if I put Pop up there, I also need to stick around to take him down, too.  He can't seem to make the leap down.  Pop is a strange piggy.  Cries for mom the most.  Has a fascination at biting the fleece (which I'm keeping an eye on).  However, Pop has become an expert at running figure-eights around the cage.  

I managed to capture a little of the zoomies and popcorning they do:

I love how Laylla calls to them and they all just bunch up behind her.  Come along, children!


  1. They are so cute! I really enjoyed watching them. They must be so fun for you.

  2. Your videos are fun, Sally! I think Pop is a little cutie - hope he figures out what's food and what isn't. Are these little guys up for adoption through your rescue group?


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