Thursday, February 22, 2024

Three Little Pigs

Foster guinea pig Laylla had her babies! Rob stopped at my office door to say Laylla was making odd noises.  I got over there to find her cleaning off baby number 1.  I was in the middle of an upgrade at work that was (luckily) taking forever - so I spent 40 minutes running back and forth between the computer and the big event.  I was trying to take photos, email Dakin and texting my sister all at once.

Then bloop!  There was baby two.  I need to upload the video - but that piggy complained loudly as mama cleaned them up.  At this point I was sure there had to be at least a third, and voila! suddenly pup three appeared.  That one looked like it was struggling the most, but seems to have sprung back the fastest.

It was wild - Laylla talked to her babies during the entire delivery.  Burble-burble.

This is the trio - babies one and two in front, and baby three in the back.

A better picture of baby three (click on any of them to enlarge):

Mama and babies are all doing well.  Pups all are running around and wheeking.  We ended up having a pig party last night.  My sister was dying to see the baby pigs, and I told her I'd need to clean the cage and weigh the pups and make a first attempt at determining their sex (no results yet).  So she came over with Mom and a friend and oohed and ahhed over the ridiculous amount of cute.  (And for some reason Laylla spent her floor time trying to explore everywhere she hadn't gone before.)

Ah - a clean cage and some peace and quiet.  Laylla looks so much more comfortable.  Her entire attitude has changed.

There will be more pictures... and I just need some time to splice together those videos.  And I hope to have names and sexes soon.  Maybe at least one girl to keep Laylla company?


  1. A pig party sounds fun! Aren't they cute?! Love their color and those big eyes. Sounds like Laylla knew just what to do!

  2. YAY! Congratulations Laylla! she must be so happy.
    They are super adorable! I didn't know the are furry when born.

  3. I'm so it went smoothly! Well done Laylla!

  4. The babies are so darn cute! Laylla seems like a great mom!

  5. I just read this wonderful news. I wish I could hold them...they look so cute and huggable. I wonder, do guinea pigs make good mothers?


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