Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nine Patch Chaos

To sash or not to sash - white and yellow examples
My latest project is taking shape.  After cutting apart my original nine patches, I sewed them into more nine patch blocks, and then cut them all apart.  Armed with over 150 pieces, I arranged them out on the floor.  The first word that came to mind was LOUD, quickly followed by busy and chaos.  It looks best when viewed from a distance.  I like the overall color.  This is a good example of how color and shade affect the overall look.  A consistent light yellow would have helped (and one of my yellow fabrics had a lot of green in it).

I think I want to add some sashing - maybe white, or a pale yellow - to break it up a bit.  I'll have to play with it a bit this weekend and see what arrangement I like best.

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