Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So Sick

Pinniped was in for a recheck early March. The calcification is still near her spine, but seemed to have shrunk.  Good news.

However, Pinni didn't seem so well after the visit.  I wrote it off to stress, since the vet noticed nothing wrong.  But one week later, her weight took a nose dive and she sat all puffy in the corner.  I was lucky to get a vet appointment that evening:  Pinni had a raging bladder infection.

It has been a terrible uphill battle.   She improved the first two days on medication, then they seemed to stop working.  The vet switched antibiotics and adjusted the painkillers last week.  Pinni lost so much weight in one day, I set up an infirmary next to my desk so I could monitor her input and output as I worked. 

After weeks of a downward spiral, Pinni is showing some improvement.  There's still the occasional whimpering when peeing and the general puffiness of pain.  But we've had weight gain.  There's the schnoz that goes every time I pick her up.  There's genuine interest in greens and veggies.  I have to seriously wrangle this pig to get pills into her.  I'll take a fighting pig any day, no matter how aggravating.  If Pinniped's pissed enough to tell me NO and spit pills at me, she has to be feeling better.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Pinni is doing better. An angry, feisty pig is definitely a good sign!

  2. Poor baby! Princess and Katie are sending good thoughts her way.


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