Friday, March 21, 2014

Bowl Cozies

I'm not fond of the microwave over the stove, especially when pulling out hot food at eye level.  Grabbing a plate isn't too bad (with or without an oven mitt), but a hot bowl can be difficult to handle. 

Evidently others have had this problem, too, and invented the bowl cozy.  Neat!  It requires all cotton material, batting and thread.  The thread and batting I had on hand weren't all cotton, so I had to purchase some.  Then I found the french fries material.  That's what happens when you go shopping when you're hungry.  I already had the coffee/tea mug material.  I think they work well together.

I followed this tutorial and whipped up the pair of cozies in an evening.  I had a chance to try one out a few times cooking up oatmeal and some chowder.  Worked like a charm.  The next ones I'll make with 11" squares.  This pair fit my bowls snugly and a little more room wouldn't hurt.

Is it too early to start working on Christmas presents?

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