Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cork Board

I have some neat push-pins my sister gave me.  Several look like pairs of shoes; some newer ones she made from Sculpey that have teacups on them.  I had a nice cork board at our old place, but it was glued/nailed to the wall and was left behind.  The pins have been in storage since we moved.

I didn't like the plain cork boards I saw in the store.  Besides, I discovered my stash of wine corks after the move and decided to make my own cork board.  I found the frame at Michaels and then discovered I didn't have enough corks to fill it.  (My wine-drinking friends are now laughing at me or gasping in horror.)  I finally collected enough corks this week and set to work on gluing everything down.

I'm happy with it.  There's two small gaps I may eventually fill in, but I'm likely to be the only person to notice.  It's a tiny cork board compared to others I've seen with this design.  But it's big enough to show off my push pins, keep track of a few receipts and it fits right over the coat hook in the kitchen.  Perfect.

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  1. Neat project! The gaps were pretty well hidden. Perfect place to pin the pigs' veggie grocery list.


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