Monday, March 10, 2014

Not Quite What I Expected

I set up a photo shoot to get a few photos of a pepper tug-of-war to go with the pepper-stealing post.  I failed to account for one thing:  Cannoli's un-pig like behavior when she's frightened.  Usually a scared guinea pig will grab any food offered to them because if one is going to die, one should die eating.

At least that's been my observation.

Not so with Cannoli.  When placed on the table and offered green pepper she sat there, not moving a muscle.  Such unhappiness.  Meanwhile, Pinniped helped herself to the first slice of pepper.  Um... definitely not the reaction I was hoping for.  Bertie would occasionally refuse to eat when stressed out, but most of my pigs have been excellent stress-eaters.

Do you have more?
After Pinni demolished the first slice, Noli came to her senses and applied herself to the second bit of pepper.  Whew!  I got the photos I wanted, plus a few extras.  Pinniped is always a ham for the camera.  Just look at that schnoz.

With the pepper all gone, the two of them relaxed and I snapped one last photo.  What a pair.

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  1. Silly peegs. Poof does the same panic-freeze thing too.


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