Thursday, May 15, 2014

Skinny Minny

I'm overdue for a Pinniped update.  A lot has gone on since the end of March.  Pinni continues with the subcues.  I'm tired of it, she's peeved with it, but it has developed into systematic routine we can live with.  Of course, the treats of bell pepper and cilantro help.

Besides the stone/bladder issues, Pinni developed a yeast infection a few weeks ago.  As soon as one thing improved, something else would get worse.  At one point I was giving Pinni subcues, three to six different oral medications and cleaning out her girly bits.  Twice daily.  Hand feeding was the icing on the cake.  Oof.

The yeast infection disappeared last weekend.  She's no longer puffy nor chewing everything to bits, so the pain must be gone (or at least a lot better).  I've even tapered off the pain meds and we're down to one oral med.  There's occasional crying every few days, but Pinni is peeing fine and there's no more bladder infection.  We've made a lot of progress.

My one concern - there's not a lot of weight gain.  Miss Double-Wide, who topped out at 1400g, now swings between 760 - 840g.  I call her Skinny Minny.  I get excited any time the scale shows more than 850g.  The vet pointed out her slightly sloping teeth the last time we were in the office.  I had first glimpsed the slant some time in March (and had mentioned it to the vet then).  With Pinni's other pressing issues and that she ate with gusto without dropping her food, we didn't pursue the teeth.  Now that her other ailments are under control, I expect the next step is to put her under, look at her teeth and maybe plane the molars.  Pinni is due back in the vet in another few weeks for an x-ray to check on her other stone.

In contrast to Pinni, Cannoli is rotund.  She will never hit double-wide proportions, but she's trying her best to look like it.  I suspect Noli has been helping herself to the extra pellets I've added to their bowl, to encourage Pinni to eat more.  Noli and I need to get out and start doing laps around the house.

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  1. Ouch, what a routine. Peaches (who was previously also Pinni-sized) is also struggling to maintain her current ~950g weight. Keeping my fingers crossed that Skinny Pinni doesn't have teeth issues to add to the mix.


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