Friday, May 23, 2014

Frozen Cannoli

Cannoli has been getting a little tubby.  Plus she's been throwing her weight around the cage, rumblestrutting like she's the Boss Pig.  I decided she needed to move around more during floor time.

I first plunked her down on the carpet, since she's not as leaky as Pinniped.  The carpet would give her traction and wouldn't be so scary.  But I gave up on that when, after a few minutes of sitting in one spot, she backed up and started to pee.  No!  Bad rodent!

So the next stop was in the kitchen.  Neither pig is fond of the hard wood floor for the lack of traction.  Pinni will get her bearings, and if necessary, creep to her final destination.  Cannoli?  She sat in the same spot for several minutes.  Would.  Not.  Budge.  This is not what I had in mind.  I really figured the two pigs would do their echo-location thing and Noli would get moving.  But no.

I finally made a trail of celery leaves towards home base, hoping that would entice her to move.  Still no movement.  I placed the last bit on her forehead, figuring she'd at least shake that off to eat it.  Right.  This photo was shot 10 minutes after I had done that.  Nothing.  I tried sitting next to her, talking to her, walking beside her, and yet she sat there, stock still.  The nose poked around every once in a while, just like Pinni's.  I was split between feeling bad for her and laughing at her.  Let's face it - that is the epitome of dopey.

Finally, Pinni decided she needed to find Cannoli, came out to the edge of the fleece on the floor and chortled a bit.  (Although, she may have caught wind of the celery leaves and wanted her share.)  At that point Noli decided she no longer wanted to be in the kitchen and slunk her way under the chairs towards home base.  I managed to clean the entire cage and was ready to put them back in the time it took Noli to move.

So well for my great plan to get Cannoli to exercise more.  I need a fleece roadway to roll out across the house and maybe that would tempt Noli to do some more exploring.

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