Saturday, May 17, 2014

String Theory - Blogger's Quilt Festival

I know I just finished posting about String Theory - but I'm posting again to submit it to the Blogger's Quilt Festival for the scrappy quilt category.

I have a stash that most quilters would laugh at.  All of my fabric fits into a single dresser drawer.  Many of the pieces were smaller than 1/4 yard.  Inspired from the last Blogger's Quilt Festival, I decided to make a couple of scrappy quilts.  The first was based on 2" squares.  That left me with some chunks of fabric and lots of long pieces less than 2" across.  I decided to try string blocks.

I made a block or two; from that figured how much material (and what colors) I had and designed the quilt from there.  I was going to add borders as a throw quilt, but friends and family convinced me to keep it this size as a wall hanging.

I have admired several quilts with circular quilting and took the plunge to try it myself.  I love how it came out!

I never intended to keep this quilt.  The whole intent was to play, learn, practice and get rid of my leftover material.  Once I was convinced to make it a wall hanging, I decided to donate it to a local fundraiser.  I hope String Theory's owner will enjoy it as much as I did making it.  The fundraiser is later this summer, so I am enjoying it while it remains in my possession.

Blogger's Quilt Festival Stats
Quilt Measurement:  36" x 48"
Technique:  machine pieced and quilted
Category:  Scrappy Quilt

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  1. This is such a happy quilt - I love all the bright colours.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Your strings are shaded so perfectly that they give the quilt the illusion of using solids but they have so much visual texture.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors and the quilting is perfect for this.

  4. This is lovely and I just wanted to say how much the quilting enhances the great design. Lovely job!

  5. I love string quilts and I just love how you quilted it!

  6. Your quilting is stunning! It's a beautiful quilt.

  7. What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors, and your quilting in circle is very effective.


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