Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Making Faces

The first time I ever saw a guinea pig dislike the smell of something was Revy from Cali Cavy Collective.  Not one of my guinea pigs had ever done this before.  But it turns out Boadicea doesn't like the scent of certain things, too.

I had seen her make faces once or twice over a slice of bell pepper.  If I hadn't seen Revy's video, I may not have understood why she was reacting that way.  It must have been a particularly strong pepper.

Now I see that face every three days.  Turns out that Boadicea is not fond of the smell of metacam.  I agree, it's pungent.  When I unstopper the little bottle the super sweet scent hits me.  But it must taste delicious - I've never had to wrestle with a guinea pig to give it metacam.  Every single one of them suck it down.  So does Boadicea, once gets past the smell.

Boadi gets a very small dose for the arthritis in her left leg.  She likes it so much, I don't need to take her out of the cage to administer the dose.  It's quick and easy (unlike Cannoli's meds), although some mornings take longer because I'm distracted laughing at that silly face.


  1. omg. I'm in love. We gave Cole metacam once, and it helped but he got upset stomach.

  2. That's a perfect video! I'm glad she likes the taste enough to get past the smell :)

  3. My pig Luna is getting Metacam twice daily now, and she LOVES it. She comes running over, grabs the syringe, and tries to yank it out of my hand. She will refuse to let go of the syringe, and I'm afraid I'm going to break one of her teeth trying to pull it out, or else she's going to bite the syringe tip off. I agree, it sure beats meds where you need to take them out and fight with them multiple times daily to take it.

    I did discover that when I tried another brand of meloxicam, she noticed the difference and showed a very surprised reaction. It's obvious she prefers Metacam.


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