Sunday, February 7, 2016

Footie Prints

We had snow on Friday, which clung to everything.  The sunset was breathtaking, all pink and white.  However, driving home in the evening was pretty eerie.  The trees near home were so bent by the snow, it felt like I was driving down a tunnel or a spooky forest from a Disney movie.  The car was occasionally pelted by sloughed off snow or broken branches.  We lost electricity for a few hours, no doubt due to downed lines.

The next morning was amazing with white trees and blue skies.  I didn't think of pulling out the camera until most of the trees had shed most of their snow, but I did managed to catch this before it all melted.

The dusting of snow on the front porch was my favorite.  The porch was completely covered by little birdie foot prints; I mean every square inch.  Each little print was clearly defined.  It made me think of stipple quilting!  The window feeders were emptied by early morning and I suspect the birds had been searching for any spilled seed.

I do love the snow - and more is forecasted in the next day or two.  I'm hoping it's not as heavy as this snow was so we'll keep our power.


  1. Beautiful - thanks for sharing. I love snow too!


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