Thursday, February 11, 2016

To Squeeze or Not To Squeeze

Noli firmly believes all wheeking should be met solely with food
To squeeze or not to squeeze.  That is the question.  It can be a real dilemma in this house.  Sometimes it's the urge to pick up and shower affection on a silly little pig that runs away, or in response to so much wheeking, or because a pudgy pig just needs to be snorgled.  Regardless, there are guinea pigs in need of squeezings.

Cannoli and Boadicea beg to differ.

Noli is under the impression she should be able to demand food at any time all the time.  Not only should the veggies appear immediately, her wheeking demands should not warrant any human attention in the house other than timely food delivery.  She also seems think she's safe from snuggles and kisses if she runs and hides when I appear without food in hand.  Ha.  No one is safe from the Mama!  Noli would get picked up less often if she'd just sit still for a nose-scritch.  Wheeking at the top of her lungs while standing on the third level of the cage doesn't help.  You mean she wasn't asking to be picked up?  Oh.

Don't you feel the need to squeeze that loaf?
It's more of a quandary with Boadicea.  She's excellent about letting me reach in and pat her; she's not as noisy and far less demanding.  I often reward that behavior by leaving her be with just a scritch around the ears or a pat down her back.  However, when her loafiness is too much to ignore, Boadi gets scooped up for squeezings.  I must suffer her reproachful looks as I snuggle and tell her she's adorable.

Yup.  They tell me it's rough being cute.  And I have to say, it's hard work doling out squeezings to such deserving pigs.  But somebody's gotta do it.


  1. I wouldn't be able to resist. Cole is not one for hugs, but seems to accept it's his lot, and puts up with me. LeeAnna

  2. Guinea pigs are just so darn just can't help but squeeze them!


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