Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Like Thursday: Food Stuff

I like food.  It's good stuff.  And it seems to pop up a lot in this week's I Like Thursday.

I like cherry tomatoes.  I especially like these little gold ones; they're so sweet, it's almost like eating candy.  My sister gave me these when I met up with her on Sunday.  What a great surprise!

My sister also surprised me with a belated birthday gift (well - is it really belated when this is the first time we've seen each other since my birthday?).  I like Japanese rice bowls and have a few of them.  They're the perfect size for so many things (like ice cream!) and I love the blue.  My sister got this one because the dragon flies reminded her of when we kayak together (we did that on Sunday).  How cool is that?  I'll think of our kayaking trips whenever I use the bowl.

I am amused that the first thing I got in preparation for the upcoming Chick Weekend is wine.  I like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  It will be a small group at Chick Weekend - but I'm so looking forward to it.

Are you ready, gals?

I founds a recipe for a gluten-free, vegan chocolate zucchini cake.  It has banana, almond butter and maple syrup (along with the requisite chocolate and zucchini).  I made a modified (almost vegan) half-batch on Monday.  I like this cake!  It's dense and fudgy like a brownie.  Nice texture, too.  I could easily have eaten the whole thing.  Would be easy to scale down for single-serve.  So dangerous.  I could be in trouble!

Game day is coming up and I made these peanut butter cookies to share.  I like Game day and I like these cookies.  I'm wondering how many will actually make it until Sunday.  You see that one with the huge blob of chocolate (second row, third from the right)?  That one is definitely not going to make it.  Another recipe that is so good....

I like the ringtone of our new phone:  Beethoven's 6th.  Our old phone's display stopped working (chilled for a while, it revived itself - thus the photo).  Keeping it in the fridge all the time was really not an option.  Although, now that I think on it, it may have been worth trying.  Ha.  Anyway - we replaced it.  The new one is alright, but the ringtone won me over.  Makes me feel so cultured when it rings.  Right.  Beethoven may be rolling in his grave.

That finishes my fun stuff for this week.  There's more entertainment over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday!


  1. Your food likes look so yummy! I have a cherry tomato that grows those orange ones, and they are so delicious! I had to go and read one of your posts about Chick weekend and it sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy!

  2. Hope you have great weather for your weekend! And I'll be keeping my eyes open for the scaled-down single-serving version of that lovely cake - yum. The dragonfly bowl is so pretty. I have bowls with handles that make it harder to drop them (though I sometimes manage it because I have talent in that way) while eating stew or soup or, erm, ice cream.

  3. stop tempting me to eat cake! Yum!
    Your phone pic looks like a hint for the term cold calling.


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