Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Like Thursday: Mostly Mailboxes

It's Thursday!  Time to join Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday lineup.

When I rode my bike last week, I remembered to bring the camera.  Captured some of the fun stuff around that I've mentioned in previous posts.

I like the mailboxes.  These ones I pass regularly when I bike to the library or the farmer's market.  The house is my favorite - look at those dormer windows!

I like the local yard art.  The gate is interesting - see the carved hands?  I was told they were created by the guy who lived there.  I like the metal rooster, too.  He's on top of an arbor, covered in Christmas lights.  He's lit up on some evenings.

Then I found this vintage sewing machine.  Kind of an odd thing to display in one's yard.  I'm not sure what the other contraption was.  Regardless, they look so pretty with the flowers!

There's a house a couple of miles away that has a truly impressive yard.  I like it, but more for the overall wow-factor than any one thing.  Each time I ride by it I see something new that I missed before.

The house has an old world villa feel to it.  There's several Grecian sculptures scattered around the yard, lots of gardens, terraces and topiaries.  The property is surrounded by a fence, with those lions on every pillar.  Check out the huge fountain in the middle of the circular driveway.

The properties around here run from ramshackle farms to decked out estates, all right next to each other.  It's interesting stuff!


  1. Posting as always from Google.

    There used to be a lovely mailbox locally, a miniature of the house itself, handmade as a present to the owners. It did not survive the snow plow sfter a blizzard that dumped several feet of snow, burying mailboxes, cars, everything!

  2. I love those mailboxes! Thanks for sharing them as I've never seen such pretty statements about who lives there.

  3. Definitely fun mailboxes and yard art! I really like the gate. Sounds like you live in a really interesting neighborhood!

  4. Great likes! Thank you so much for the inspiration!


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