Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bacon Cheddar Whatever Quiche

We intermittently visit Seven Stars Bakery on Saturday mornings as part of our weekly grocery shopping routine.  I'm a sucker for their ginger biscuits; we both like the little mini quiches, too.

It kind of blends in with the counter top
They've recently swapped out the ham and cheddar quiche for bacon and potato.  Rob didn't find it as satisfying, and on Sunday morning he was hankering for bacon cheddar quiche.  Could I make one?

Sure, why not?

I've never made a quiche before.  I read through three or four recipes online for bacon-cheddar quiche and cobbled a recipe together.  As recipes go, it's kind of like pizza:  start with the crust and a base, then throw whatever you want in it.  I found some mushrooms in the fridge, so we added those, too.

It smelled delicious as it was baking.  Looked pretty when it came out of the oven, too.  And it was as tasty as it looked and smelled.  The recipe made about 5-6 servings.  I bet I could adjust it to make a couple of mini-quiches instead (although the leftovers reheated nicely).  I know I'll be asked to make this again!

Some recipes I read put the dry ingredients on the bottom of the pie crust first, then add the egg mixture.  Others added the dry ingredients on top.  I think I spread half the bacon on the bottom, but added everything else in the egg mixture (which is what I instructed).  So do whatever works for you!

Bacon Cheddar Whatever Quiche

1⅓ cups flour
¼ tsp salt
½ cup shortening
3 Tbls ice cold water
1½ cups shredded cheddar cheese, divided
6 - 7 slices of bacon
½ cup onion, diced
10 cremini mushrooms, diced
3 eggs
1⅓ cups whole milk
¼ tsp thyme
¼ tsp ground pepper
½ tsp dry mustard

Preheat oven to 375°.

In a small bowl, mix together flour, salt and about ¼ - ⅓ cup of the cheddar.  Cut in shortening with a pastry blender.  Add in water, a little at a time, until dough holds together and forms a ball.  I am such a bad cook - I don't chill the dough - I go straight to rolling it out.  (But you should probably flatten it, wrap it in shrink-wrap and chill it for 30 minutes.)

Roll out dough into a circle about 12 inches in diameter.  Fit dough into a 9-inch pie plate.  Trim edges, leaving a little overhang, about ¼-inch all around the edge.  Prick dough with a fork.  Bake quiche crust for 10 minutes.

Cook the bacon in a skillet.  Remove cooked bacon to a paper towel to drain.  Use the remaining bacon grease to cook the onions and mushrooms until soft.  Likewise drain the onions and mushrooms.  Crumble the cooked bacon.

In a small bowl (you can reuse the one you mixed the crust in), whisk together the eggs, milk, thyme, mustard and pepper.   Stir in the remaining cheddar, bacon and mushrooms (or whatever you want!).  Pour mixture into the baked crust.

Bake for 30-40 minutes, or until quiche filling is set and the top is lightly brown.


  1. Quiche has always been my go-to answer to the So Many Eggs situation when I have a lot of laying hens. That, and the puffy oven pancake things. But quiche can be reheated for a few meals, and the puffy thing is really best right out of the oven. I wish I had some laying hens now, but my two seem to have retired and are spending every day enjoying their hobbies of wandering the property, scratching and nibbling, escorted by the ever-watchful Captain Hastings.

  2. This looks amazing! I love leftovers!


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