Thursday, August 3, 2017

I Like Thursday: Veggies, Berries and Dopes

I like to visit the Farmer's Market during the summer.  We biked up there this Sunday.  So much to choose from!  I limited my selection to what I could eat this week and that would fit in my little string backpack.  I need to get a back rack for my bike so I can haul more home!

I bought the zucchini to make zucchini fritters for a Tea later that day.  I've made these fritters several times before; tasty, easy recipe.  Replacing the cornmeal with gluten free flour?  Does.  Not.  Work.  I tossed the first four fritters out when they failed to become anything other than lumps of wet dough (even after the edges burned).  I gave up on fritters, poured the rest of the batter into the pan all at once and attempted some kind of zucchini frittata instead.  Came out the consistency of pudding - tasted delicious.  It all disappeared.  What's there to like?  That it wasn't a total failure.  If I try gluten free again, I'd probably do better swapping with corn starch, or find gluten free cornmeal.

I like these cinnamon sweet potato cookies.  I wish I had thought to take photos of mine before they all disappeared.  They looked very similar to the recipe's photos.  They're vegan; I swapped in almond flour to make mine gluten free, too.  Great consistency.  Nice flavor.  Easy to make.  I made these before taking on the fritters - everything went right as much as the fritters went wrong.  Everyone at the Tea liked these cookies and they were very much appreciated by the gal in our group that has celiac disease.

I like woodchucks, probably because I don't have a garden they can ransack.  I think of them as larger American cousins of my guinea  pigs.  The ones around here bolt as soon as we come near the door.  But a friend of mine manages to snap a few photos of the ones in his back yard.  What do you think this goofy guy is up to?

Speaking of dopey cute animals - I like this month's photo on my calendar.  I miss having Abyssinian pigs; I like the permanent bed-head look.

I like berries.  Blueberries and raspberries are my favorite.  I've grown rather fond of blackberries.  This is my favorite time of year - so many berries to choose from!

I like that I got to ride my bike yesterday.  I photographed some more fun stuff in the area for next Thursday!

There's more to like over at Not Afraid of Color.  Be sure to check them out.


  1. We enjoyed the farmers market this week, too. I wish we could bike to it, but the best ones around here are in neighboring towns. That woodchuck is cute! They do look a bit like your guinea pigs. And berries - yummy!

  2. I like it all!
    I love the idea of biking to the farmers market for fresh food. The image of the woodchuck's little star feet grabbing the step... adorable!

  3. We have a farmers mkt up the street and get all our produce and meat there. We know we are blessed to have it so close. Cooking gluten free is so challenging! Thanks for the cookie recipe!

  4. Love all those yummy looking veggies! But the star is that woodchuck! I've never seen a woodchuck before, we don't have them here, but he is so cute- Goofy is exactly the word. I feel like he's saying Help Help Please, I need to get on the porch---ooops ooops Helpppppp

  5. Oh nothing beats fresh vegetables and I love how you persevered and made a delicious dish. I have never made fritters so can't help you there. Sweet potatoes are suddenly everywhere...just this week we bought sweet potato tortilla chips and they were so good.


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