Thursday, August 17, 2017

I Like Thursday: Fun and Family

Today's the day to share the things I like and link up with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday

I like arranging quilt blocks.  As you can see, I don't have a design wall, I have a design floor.

Random blocks are never truly random and take a while to get them looking the way I want them to.  I initially tried to put the shirt blocks in some kind of color pattern, but hated it, so random it was.  (And I like how it came out!)

I like my sister.  (Yeah, that's such a complete understatement... but let's just go with that for now.)  She's creative.  She paints things.  Years ago, she painted the family Dodge Omni with geometric patterns.  I inherited the car soon after graduating college and enjoyed it's uniqueness.

She's recently gotten around to decorating her current car.  Looks like ginko leaves blown in the wind.  I like that, too.

I like family gatherings.  So I thoroughly enjoyed two of my cousins' weddings this summer.

I like dancing, regardless of what I look like.  At one point an uncle jumped in and danced with me.  Yeah, I'm sure we looked ridiculous.  An aunt said afterwards that we were proof that white people can't dance.  (She needs to come to a contra dance!)  In this case, she was probably right... but I don't care.  He rocked and I had a great time being silly and carefree with him.

I like pignic photos.  I've been reviewing a bunch of them taken before I started blogging.  I need to do some posts on the older pignics, because there's a lot of fun and goofiness that needs to be shared.

These are from the second fall pignic, on a chilly October afternoon.  Nowadays we'd have canceled due to the temperature.  Back then, the pignic was more informal and we were still learning.

Athena is in the first photo, and I think I see Victoria somewhere in that mess at the bottom.  I'm pretty sure the black and white sow at top is Inca.  Some good memories of bygone guinea pigs.

That was a serious pile of puffy pigs.  I can't figure out how many guinea pigs are in there!  I recall sows diving in to the middle of the pile.  The ones along the grids kept complaining about getting squished, but refused to budge because of the warm sun, the other pigs' warmth and the windbreak.  A few of us tried splitting them apart, but this pig-pile kept reforming, so we left them be.

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  1. I love your sister's car! Do you know what she decorated it with? I'd love to do mine... And your pile of little furballs is adorable!

  2. Oh, a pignic - what fun! Now I'm wishing I had a guinea pig to cuddle! I have a sort of design wall, but it doesn't work very well, so I'm often on the floor. Random can be hard to achieve, I think - there's always someting that sticks out as not quite right to me! Looking forward to seeing what you did

    1. Oops, I hit publish before I finished my sentence, I'm looking forward to seeing what you did with your shirt blocks!

  3. I like those shirt blocks! I try to do random but also end up moving things around. It's like wearing make up to look "natural". mary in Az

  4. Giggling at the picnic! You made my day! Love how your quilt is looking!

  5. love that your uncle jumped in and danced with you. I mean who cares what it looks like, when you're making a moment! The pignic pile is adorable! How you find yours to go home is amazing.

  6. Design floors work very well till the knees give out; then it's design bed. :-) claire aka knitnkwilt


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