Monday, August 14, 2017

I'm Hiding

Poor Wedgwood.  She gets picked up every day, either because she's harassing Boadicea, or she's being whiny, or she's just too darned cute for her own good.  I put her up on my shoulder and go looking for Rob, so Wedgie can plead her case why she shouldn't have been picked up.  This time Rob had a camera.

Wedgwood often tries to tuck her nose under my chin and nudge me.  I'll usually nudge her back.  Most times I figure she's showing her displeasure, but occasionally I wonder if she's playing with me.  She'll do that a few times, then stick her nose out to see if there's anything worthwhile going on.  Treats, maybe?  Hide, nudge, stick nose out, repeat.

She eventually applies guinea pig logic:  if you can't see her nose, then you can't see her.  It's not so bad.  Besides, once back in the cage there's corn husk or carrots for reward.  Yay!


  1. That's what I do to my girls when they've got their 'grumpy pants' on with each other, or they're being super-cute :D "Don't make me smoosh you!" xx

  2. of course you want to snuggle them! I want to !


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