Sunday, March 13, 2011

Behold, the Double-Wide

I'm not fat, I'm fluffy
I've had a number of guinea pigs over the years.  In the past, most of my big girls weren't fat - they were just very fluffy.  Vicky had been the biggest pig I owned, but even at her most massive she was only 2.75 lbs.

I've had people tell me they think Bertie is the largest of my current trio of pigs.  You may think that from  the photos or videos.  But oh, you'd be so wrong.  Bertie is a respectable-sized pig at 2.5 lbs.  And Pinni?  Well, there's no fluff on this pig.  She's lucky that black is slimming, because this fatso tops out at a whopping 3 lbs 1oz. I've never had a guinea pig that weighed so much!

The photo I snapped this morning may help illustrate how hefty she really is:  just look at that butt hanging off the hammock!  Don't you just want to squeeze it?

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