Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Plethora of Potholders

I finished the three sets of oven mitts and potholders I started in February.  These mitts sport fabric from three baby quilts, a duvet cover, a least two table runners, a tea pot cozy and a shoe bag.  Ah, good memories.  My fabric basket is a bit emptier.

My sister recently commented that the set she got at Christmas wasn't quite insulated enough.  I repaired her set by putting a layer of Insul-Bright on the palm side of the mitt.  I've never used it before.  I'm not sure how much more heat resistance it offers, although my sister was thrilled with the difference.  I used it for two of the sets, against the palm side of the potholder/mitt.  The third set I had completed before I bought the Insul-Bright, and I was not about to rip them apart to add it.  I guess those will go to someone who's a bit more impervious to a hot oven.  I've never had problems with any mitts I've made before.

The Insul-Bright crinkles, which I find odd.  Noisy oven mitts?  I also discovered the mitts are stiffer and the potholders have a tendency to curl.  Not thrilled with that.

The potholder pattern I found is kind of neat.  They have little flaps in the back where you can put you thumb and fingers (see the rightmost potholder).  Very simple to get on and off with one hand and they stay where you want them when you're grabbing hot pots and pans.  I like them much better than regular potholders, which always feel like they're about to slip away.

This sates my craving for crazy-quilting.  Time to go back to something more structured.

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  1. Love using up those scraps! And..embrace the Insul-Bright! Can't have a potholder without it. Lots of hot hands.


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