Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Outing of the Season

The temperature crept up to 69F this afternoon, with enough sunshine to dry out and warm up the back lawn.  Finally!  A chance to let the girls kick up their heels outside.  After a short, frantic search for grids and connectors, I had assembled the cage and started transporting pigs.

Heaven!  Pinni hit the ground eating.  Willow tried to eat as much grass as she could without budging from her cozy.  Bertie initially panicked, ousted Willow from the cozy and hid in it.  Silly pig.  A few minutes later they were all grazing contentedly in the bright green grass.

Unfortunately, the pigs only had about 10 minutes of sun before storm clouds rolled in.  Fifteen minutes later the clouds and the thunder became so ominous I decided to bring them back indoors.  In my haste to grab the girls, Bertie got loose.  She made a mad dash for the trees before I managed to nab her.  She lost a clump of fur in the struggle.  Poor traumatized Bertie.  Poor traumatized me!  I should have known better than to lift the grids off the ground to catch her.

Overall, a glorious time was had by all.  All three are thoroughly sacked out right now.  Amazing what a bit of sunshine, fresh air and spring grass can do to a pig.

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  1. They are all so cute :) I think I might take my Rosie outside tonight!


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