Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unhappiness is...

...being forced to swallow bactrim.  As antibiotics go, bactrim is the worst tasting of the bunch.  I've seen my pigs suck down doxycycline like there's no tomorrow.  Baytril isn't so bad, either.  But bactrim?  Even with flavoring?  Yuck.

Bertie spent most of yesterday attempting to imitate a coffee peculator.  I couldn't tell if it was in the nasal cavity or the lungs.  But it had gone on long enough that I got concerned.  The vet was closed today, so I pulled out the antibiotic I had on hand and started her on that (bactrim is not my choice for respiratory infections).

Mama, why are you doing this to me?
I've never seen a guinea pig take an antibiotic quite like Bertie.  Usually, when you get more than 0.5cc of liquid into a guinea pig's mouth, they start chewing and swallowing.  No matter how vile it is.  Bertie doesn't chew until after the syringe is out of her mouth.  She hasn't figured out how to spit it out.  So she'll sit there for several seconds, mouth slightly agape letting whatever is in there to dribble out.  Only when she decides it won't go away on its own, will she chew and swallow.

She hasn't fought me and the syringe yet.  But give her a day or two to associate the syringe with the terrible taste.  I wonder if she'll be as much of a fighter as Willow can be.  Bad pigs.

Look at that pathetic face.  I am so mean.

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