Monday, May 30, 2011


I am a sucker for blueberries.  I love them - on cereal, on ice cream, by the handful, baking with them, making blueberry sauce.  Yum.

This weekend I discovered a brick of cream cheese in the fridge that wasn't used when making Easter candy.  Plus I had lots of blueberries (some recently bought and some of my prized Newbury Blueberry stash in the freezer).  Hmm... what could I do with both of them?  Blueberry cheesecake bars! 

I found a recipe that called for refrigerated sugar slice & bake cookie dough and pie filling, but that was easy enough to swap out with my Evil Bar crust and blueberry filling from scratch.  As I'm whipping this together, I was told the blueberry cake I baked last week was pretty good, and would I mind making another?  Sure.  Plenty of blueberries to go around.

The kitchen smelled wonderful while these were baking.  I've discovered the blueberry bars are good straight from the oven, chilled or frozen.  They will make good cool treats for the warm days ahead!

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