Thursday, December 10, 2020

I Like Thursday: Some Holiday Prep

Another week has flown by, with several small good things to like.

I liked the snow on Saturday.  It was pretty, but heavy and sticky (and froze solid, which was extra work on the driveway).  I finally put up the candles, which look so festive against the snow.  I haven't put up any more decorations.  I need to dig out some more lights. 


It also flaked a bit on my walk yesterday, which was very pretty.

I've had these birds for a while and finally installed them on one of our new posts.  They make me smile every time I pass them.  These are the swallows - there's a nuthatch on the post with our house number, too.

The second cactus began to bloom.  As the light pink blooms are wilting off, the dark pink ones have arrived.  I love the color of these blossoms.

I finished baking cookies.  I have still yet to package and send them.  Will try to get that done to go out on Monday.  This is a batch of Berger cookies.  They aren't pretty, but they taste good.  My other cookies came out on the ugly side, too.  I suspect the molasses cookies had too much molasses - they look burnt, but they are chewy and delicious.  I put chunks of candied ginger in them, too, so they came out lumpy to boot!

I've been enjoying Panda and Mango's company.  Alas, they are leaving us tomorrow.  I knew they'd be scooped up as soon as their photos were posted online.  We were lucky to get a few more days with them.  I will be sad to see them go, but will not miss Mango's incessant demands for food.  Seriously, dude, eat your hay!

I'm sure others are looking for some holiday spirit.  There will be more holiday likes over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday!


  1. What a fabulous window with a gorgeous view. Your winter wonderland is so pretty. The candles are perfect sitting on the windowsill.

  2. Love your window view
    Bye Mango & Panda! It is sad they are leaving.
    You haven't seen ugly cookie until you make chocolate oatmeal cookies. (I was embarassed to serve them.)

  3. The birds on the post are really neat! What are they made of? I think the Berger cookies look yummy! Bon voyage to Panda and Mango!

  4. you know the old saying, the squeaky weeky pig gets more treats
    so pretty candles in the window with snow behind

  5. I think those cookies look pretty yummy :) Thise birds are so lifelike in the photo. I can see why they make you smile.

  6. Hi Sally! Your cookies look delicious. It's making me hungry and ready to go on a baking spree myself. I am overdue. Your candles look so pretty reflecting in the snow. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Ugly cookies are the ones you keep and eat. Oh bye, bye GP. Your window with the candles is gorgeous. Love your birds. Great likes.

  8. We would love to have more snow here. Our ski resort opened today, but conditions would be much better with a couple of big storms! Your metal birds look terrific - I keep seeing ads for this type of sculpture. It seems you have had a good run with Panda and Mango, but off they go, taking a little piece of your heart with them!

  9. I love those birds...they make me smile to see them too! And your Christmas cactus is beautiful! Mine won't bloom this month...maybe next! lol holiday hugs!

  10. It looks like you've been keeping busy. So much to do this time of year. Love your birds! It's nice Panda and Mango found homes but I'm sure you'll miss them!


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