Sunday, December 27, 2020

Blogiversary #10

A decade of blogging.  How can that be?

With my blogiversary landing at the end of the year, it becomes sort of a-year-in-review.  And what a year.  I thought 2019 was crazy with moving, losing guinea pigs and various health issues.  This year had the chaos of two hospital stays and a pandemic.  NOT a year to repeat.   

However, amid the anxiety, uncertainty, illness and upheaval, it wasn't a terrible year.  I wish I could bottle my good fortune and spread it around.  Even with the illness and lay-off, I managed to end the year with a less stressful job and feeling (mostly) better.

I fostered nine guinea pigs during the pandemic (not all at once!).  I was thrilled to fill the "cavy" portion of my blog with photos and antics of these funny little pigs.  The pandemic didn't stop my ability to go outdoors; I enjoyed writing about the critters I met in our yard and shared the views from my kayak.

I miss my girlfriends - no chick events this year.  I quilted and cooked, although not for as many people as usual.  I will be happy to pick those up when the pandemic wanes.  

It appears I still have plenty to share and enjoy writing about it... so I'll keep right on blogging!  Thank you to my readers and friends I've encountered in the blogosphere - I appreciate your feedback and encouragement.  I look forward to corresponding with you in the year ahead.


  1. Always a joy to visit your blog Sally and see what you are busy making and learn more about your guinea pigs, You certainly did a lot of fostering this year and I always enjoy seeing the photos you publish of these little animals. I hope this new year will treat us better and bring you health and happiness.

  2. Ten years blogging -that is quite a milestone, Sally! I'm glad to have found your blog and been able to follow along these last few years. Glad you are feeling pretty good, after two hospital stays. There are definitely blessings to be found even in this strange year. May 2021 bring more!

  3. Well, there is a beaming smile on this gal's face, downunder, to know that you will keep blogging. So, so happy to know I can keep on visiting your fun place to read of the adventures you have been up to, to see tales of your lovely stitching and to visit a sweet guinea pig, or two. Your place in blogosphere is a delightful place to visit. Here's to a wonderful 2021 and to more blogging!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!
    Thank you for your wonderful posts with photos. Reading your blog makes my life feel better.

  5. Sally - congratulations on your 10-year blogging anniversary! Yours was one of the first blogs I came across three years ago when I started - what a delight to find someone who likes guinea pigs! Thanks for the entertainment, inspiration and friendship through the years, especially this one. What would we have done without our blogging buddies? Happy New Year!


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