Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Finishes for 2020

I didn't do a 2019 finishes post, because the entire year was wrapped up in one quilt.  Not the case this year!  I did lots of different stuff.

Bias tape dress, Switch bag, masks, name tag
book caddy, tank top embellishments, coil bowl and sewing machine cover

I started the year with quite a backlog of things-to-do, including a bunch of non-quilting sewing projects.  I made a little coil bowl from Golden Orrery leftovers.  Then I constructed a carry bag as a belated Christmas present.  The sewing machine cover was from a kit gifted to me.  By then the pandemic had started.  I focused on masks for a while.  With dancing on hiatus, I set to fixing and updating some of my dancing outfits.  I embellished a tank top to hide a few stains (because me and white do not get along well).  I made a new name tag as well as added some color to a dress.  Working with bias tape on such a large piece of clothing was a challenge.  But I love how bias tape looks - I may have to do some more projects with that.  Lastly, I cobbled together a bedside caddy to hold a water bottle and books - which has been awesome.

Ebb & Flow, Creekbed, clock, string pillow
mini HST pillow, Mortimer & Friends, woven and HST mug rugs

I completed several quilts, too.  Mortimer & Friends was an applique kit I was asked to assemble.  It was a fun project - I had not done applique like this (and in classic Sally-style, I made some modifications of my own).  I also pieced together a replacement for a clock face - which now hangs on my sewing room wall.  The remaining projects are all leftovers and scrappy projects.  I had gathered together a couple hundred mini HST and made a pillow and mug rug.  The back of the pillow was a set of selvedge string test blocks.  I finished a set of wavy string blocks and created Ebb & Flow.  I had so much fun making the wavy strings (and still had a bag stuffed with scrappy fabric), I made some more that became Creekbed.  Lots of strings!  I lastly played with a bunch of quarter-inch string trimmings, weaving them into a mug rug, then quilting over it to keep the weaving in place.

My last 2020 finish is a twin-sized quilt I started just as the pandemic kicked off.  I worked on it in fits and starts over the summer and quilted it in November.  I finished the binding this week, but still need to slap a label on it.  I've been calling it the braid quilt - but that's not the name I want!  Locked Down and Laid Off is not very uplifting.   So I'll post better photos with a good label some time in the new year.

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  1. You are amazing, the amount of creative things you make and finish. You are a good example to follow.
    Happy New Year🎉


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