Sunday, December 20, 2020

Heads Will Roll

Well, two of them did.

I fought with this year's ornament for days.  Body parts all over the place.  I beheaded the poor dude twice (although the second time was by accident).  I nearly had to disassemble the one good arm to make the second one because I couldn't make them even.

Nothing was going right.

But then third time a charm?  Once the head had eyes and nose and hair, everything else fell into place.

The add-ons progressed at a better pace.  Can you guess what this?  It was an experiment, but it worked out pretty well.  

I baked the ornament last night, then finished painting embellishments this morning.  Photographs followed, which also desperately misbehaved.  I finally took a set that I like, which allowed me to box up the ornament to gift later today.  

Whew!  More photos soon.


  1. I've been trying to guess who you're making this year, but not finding anyone who fits what I can see in your photos! I'll enjoy seeing the finished ornament. "Nevertheless she persisted" could be the title of your post! :)

  2. I wouldn't have even tried... good for you!

  3. It looks as if you have been up to lots of experimenting. I am looking forward to seeing what your imagination conjures up.

  4. Looks like a challenge you met with holiday spirit


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