Friday, March 9, 2012

Bar-Chewing Badness

Bertie applies herself while Pinni acts innocent
As the loss of Willow starts to fade, Bertie has been stepping up to the plate to be the bad, bar-chewing rodent.  Pinniped has no interest in chewing on the bars (just stuffing her nose through them).  But when the sounds of the cutting board and veggies emanate from the kitchen, it's often accompanied by the rasping of teeth against bars.  <chomp> <chomp> <ping!>

Pinni will wheek to get my attention, but Bertie takes out her impatience on the bars of the cage.  Hey, Mama!  Veggies!  Now!  What's the hold up?

I am not happy with the development.  The grids already look shabby; Willow, Pippin and Vicky chipped a significant amount of paint from the front of the cage during their tenure.  However, I am amused to think that Willow passed on her love of the bars to the next generation before she went.

Yup.  Somewhere in the guinea pig Elysian Fields, Willow is giving Bertie the thumbs-up.  Thanks, Willow.


  1. Bertie looks so dedicated to the job! Naughty but ever a cutie. :-)

  2. Just look at that determined little snout!

    Luckily for me, none of my girls except for Peaches make it a habit to chew on the bars - they seem to be satisfied enough with emitting supersonic wheeks.


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