Friday, March 2, 2012

Hay Rack Mods

Bertie's nose, wondering why the hay rack is inaccessible
There was joy in the house when we came back home and I reinstalled the hay rack.  However, joy was soon replaced with confusion.  What is this in the hay rack? How can one truly appreciate hay if one can't wallow in it?

Within an hour the new addition to the rack had been partially pulled out, but not enough for Bertie to gain access. I've already made modifications to prevent further tampering.  We'll see how long it takes Bertie to find some way of bypassing it.  For the moment, I get to enjoy a tied score with Bertie:  3-3.

1 comment :

  1. Just look at that disgruntled expression! Any pig person would be able to tell that Bertie is deeply displeased with the new hay rack modification.

    I love your choice of hammock fabric by the way, it suits the pigs perfectly.


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