Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Piggy Present

Unstoppable Bertie vs an immovable tunnel
A fellow guinea pig slave and member of the pignic Pig Patrol came to my Tea last week.  She arrived with her version of Bad Pig Stew (cavy-free, of course) in one hand and a piggy present in the other.  I may need to invite her over to my house more often....

Pinni and Bertie had just survived a loud and exciting evening with the Girls Next Door.  (The twins were thrilled I waited to clean the cage until they were available and the pigs were being silly, so loud outbursts ensued, much to the Newbie's dismay.)  I imagine Pinni and Bertie were not pleased that the house was invaded by more people only 16 hours later.  The two of them were shier than usual.

Bertie and Pinni initially fled from the tunnel when I put it in their cage, but it looked and smelled interesting and didn't move, so they eventually had to investigate.  They decided it was a suitable offering for putting up with so much commotion.  They were still pretty shy all day, but allowed themselves to be picked up and cuddled.  It seemed like a fair trade.

I like to keep the bottom level as empty as possible so Bertie has room to do donuts.  So several days ago I moved the tunnel to the top floor of their cage.  I suspect Bertie tried to move it back down a level or two, like she does the cloth tunnel.  I found it reoriented 90 degrees within 24 hours, but I think it was too heavy for her to move it too far.  I'm a little curious how she managed to move it as far as she did.  I placed the tunnel back to the far end of the balcony and it hasn't budged since. 

Pinniped tends to lounge in front of it, rather than stay inside it.  Bertie appears to be splitting her time between hanging out in her newly unenclosed hay rack and perching in the hay tunnel.  Too many choices!

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  1. Finally, cage furniture that Bertie has not been able to claim victory over!


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