Friday, May 25, 2012

Chick Yoga Weekend X

This year's chicks (minus one member - sorry about that)
I can't believe I have been organizing Chick Yoga Weekend for a decade.  Seriously?  It can't possibly be that long.  And yet, another Chick Yoga Weekend has come and gone.

There were eight Chicks this year.  We got the dorm room we had two years ago - an 11-bunk room overlooking the lawn and the lake.  It was a very busy weekend so there were 21 women in that room!  We like when we get a room to ourselves, but this was in a prime location (1st floor, just above the whirlpool) and the cross-breeze was most welcome at night.  I considered it a fair tradeoff.

It was sunny and warm all weekend.  I spent a good chunk of time on the back lawn, taking in the view of the mountains and the lake and walking the grounds.  The clouds rolled in on Monday morning; the rain started just as I hopped in the car to drive home.  Perfect timing.

Everyone had a different agenda for the weekend.  A few gals crammed in as many activities they could with classes and meditation, walks on the grounds, massages and trips to the whirlpool.  It made me tired just listening to their schedule!  Others went to the morning or evening yoga classes and pretty much skipped the rest.  It's the beauty of Chick Weekend - you get to pick and choose what to do. 

Everyone's favorite activity
Dinner was the one time of day the all of us would get together.  Lunch was a group activity, too, but not everyone's schedule meshed.  Mealtimes were our chance to discuss what we did for the day and plan our next activities.  And to eat - can't forget that!  Being at Kripalu seems to ramp up my appetite.

They have a wide variety of vegetarian food to choose from.  So many yummy things!  Those of us who have been to Kripalu several times tended to home in on the tried-and-true dishes.  A few members of the group tried all sorts of new stuff (a few of the uncommon foods at the Basic Bar were deemed non-edible).  We ate many of our meals outdoors, which had more space and was cooler than the cafeteria.  There was the added bonus of watching the antics of the local wildlife.

The baby buns we saw last year have grown, and there were at least two new litters.  We saw a trio of youngsters and a trio of baby micro-buns.  They would have fit in the palm of my hand.  So utterly adorable!  They hopped under the chairs we were sitting in and calmly ate  grass less than five feet away, oblivious to our oohs and ahhs.  The adult rabbit lounged around like she didn't have a care in the world.  I tried to take videos to capture the cute - but the light was fading and I'm not sure I'll have anything usable.  Oh, well, I'm sure I will get another chance next year.

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