Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Progress

Seems like there's always something going on that distracts me from the quilt.  Lately, it's been the weather; it has been too nice or too warm to sit at the sewing machine.

The cross stitch is nearing completion.  Just the other night I closed the loop.  All I need to do now is fill in the gaps.  That should go quickly with all these reference points.  I hope that this is the end of ripping out stitching.  I had to pull out one whole flower bud, and later the beginnings of several leaves, because I had counted from a bad reference point or added one too many stitches in a critical spot.  Bummer.  I lost two whole evenings carefully pulling out the stitches and another two nights restitching them into the right spot.

I have nearly finished the next set of black strips on the blocks.  Now comes the frustration of keeping everything square.  I cringe at the idea of ripping out and restitching the pieces that aren't quite right.  I think I'd rather adjust when adding in the next triangles.  We'll see how that goes.

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