Sunday, May 6, 2012


Another week or two has passed and pieces of the quilt are sitting, untouched, in my sewing room.  I had fully intended to work on them last weekend, yet nothing had happened by the time Monday rolled around.  Too many other things have been going on!  This weekend has not been much different.  I think I find the box of pieces a bit daunting.  I need to just sit down and start sewing - the rest will follow.

However, the cross stitch keeps plugging along.  We've been watching movies and working through our TiVo backlog, so I stitch a bit more every chance that I get.


  1. I know the feeling. I have 2 scrapbook pages unfinished, 4 cards to make, 1 sewing project and shelf to paint and it all just sits in my room...and sits...and sits. Oh forgot about the hat I am knitting. That one in a tote in the livingroom is like a decoration of some kind.

    1. LOL. My tray of Sculpey was a living room decoration for a couple of months. You have a crazier backlog than I do!


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