Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ambling Along

We are on a fairly regular routine.  Bertie gets Baytril twice a day, in hopes that her failure to gain weight is some well entrenched bug.  She had gained some weight the last time she was on the stuff, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect this time around.  I need to call the vet with a progress report soon.  She won't be happy with my results.  There has been no improvement, and I suspect I've seen a hint of labored breathing.  I've been waiting for this, since Bertie's lungs have not looked good on several x-rays.

Bertie still hovers at about 740g.  She gets critical care once or twice a day (which is a fight), and still is getting jabbed every other day with 30cc of lactated ringers.  The subcues have become a permanent two-man job.  She at least doesn't cry all the time, but she is one pissed off rodent.  Bertie can't stand to be restrained, but she won't sit still, either.  So one person immobilizes her, and the other injects and tries distracting her with treats.

Pinniped, on the other hand, continues to show no signs of ovarian cysts and is focused on gaining back all of the weight she's lost in the last year (she just hit 1250g).  It's good to see this pig healthy and happy and oh, so squeezable.  Pinni has taken full advantage of the extra food I have in the cage, hoping Bertie will eat more.  I may have to start rationing the pellets again if Pinni doesn't level set soon.  What a pudge!

Frustrated Bertie
Bertie has not been terribly active, although a week ago we saw her hanging out in the hammock a couple of times, and she even got up on the second level.  However, she perks up when I bring out the toys.  They squared off like a pair of soccer players this morning when I placed the egg-cersizer in the cage.  I need to get some photos of the corners they manage to wedge that thing when I leave it in the cage.

They get to play with the Teach 'N Treat during floor time.  I've been mixing up the first two levels.  They both work on level 2 with ease.  Level 1 can still be a challenge.  Pinniped excels at pushing the disk around with her nose.  She can clear all of the holes in record time.  Bertie has had a bit more trouble with level 1, since she insists on standing on the toy, and gets frustrated when the disk doesn't move like she wants.  Dope.


  1. Hooray for Pinni's recovery and eating abilities! Its good to hear that Bertie is still showing interest in toys and being somewhat active. That stubborn expression..!

  2. Fingers and paws crossed that Bertie will improve- have you tried mixing some pureed veggies with her critical care? I used to mix pureed spinach into Dido's critical care and she wolfed it down.

    1. I've tried that a long time ago, but not recently. I'll make note to pick up some baby food and try it again!


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