Thursday, November 29, 2012

Solo Shots

Bertie and Pinniped survived our annual Christmas card photo shoot last Friday.  The holiday cards go out with a group photo, but every year we manage to get one or two nice single shots, too. 

Bertie was so well behaved during the initial set of photos.  She didn't like the tin at first, but changed her mind the second time we put her in.  She's patiently waiting for the fuss to be done and over with.  There will be extra treats, right?

We were unable to get a good solo photo of Pinni in the first series, unless you count a beautiful bum shot.  However, Pinni calmed down a bit when we put her on stage the second time and managed to pose nicely for the camera. 

It's so nice when they behave!


  1. It is difficult to say who looks cuter, Bertie or Pinniped.. both are frame-worthy photos! I always love how Pinni's white paw stands out against the rest of her chunky body, you can see it particularly well there.

  2. bertie has beautiful eyes!

  3. Your Holiday photos are so cute! I wish my piggies were as patient as yours or I wish I had your patience.

    1. It took 70 shots of Pinni to get that one good shot of her. So it's not patience as much as persistence!


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