Friday, November 2, 2012

Teach N Treat - Level 2

It was the fifth or sixth time trying the Teach 'N Treat on Level 1 that I saw Pinniped systematically moving the disk and checking the reservoirs for bits of tomato.  Finally - a recognition of cause and effect.  I moved the disk over a few of the pieces she uncovered, and she purposely shoved the disk far over to one corner, and started to check for uncovered tomatoes.  I did not see Bertie do the same, but if Pinni has figured it out, Bertie can't be far behind.

I figured it was time to try Level 2.  This level has four plugs that cover any four holes.  They need to picked up out or knocked over to get to the treat underneath.

Pinniped was the first to check it out, and she looked a little confused that the big disk had disappeared and been replaced with these funny blue knobs.  However, both she and Bertie could smell the tomato and melon rind underneath, so they were willing to work on it.  Bertie, as usual, tried chewing her way to the treat.  Just like Level 1, she managed to solve the problem and miss the fact the treat had been uncovered.  Of course, they both execute without any understanding of what they've done.  It will be interesting to watch and see if they "get" it like they did with Level 1.  Maybe I should flip-flop the levels from time to time?  Let's see what it does to their little brains. 

The video is mostly of Bertie simply because Pinni was so darned fast!  She may have been initially confused, but she caught on quick.  Pinni would swoop in, hit a cover, knock it over, grab her treat and take off before I could get the camera running!  It happened twice.  What a fast little pig!

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Alice said...

Great progress! I love how Pinni's white tipped little paw peeks out from underneath her chub when she is waddling around.