Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not a Cranberry!

Is that really a cranberry this time?
Pinniped loves cranberries.  It's too bad they're seasonal.  But it turns out Pinni is quite happy with defrosted cranberries, too.  I bought a few extra bags of cranberries during the holiday season and froze them, so she gets defrosted berries on occasion.

Pinni was begging for treats on Saturday afternoon, so I pulled out the cranberries.  On a whim I grabbed a blueberry, too.  I've heard some guinea pigs love blueberries, but in the past, Pinni has been less than impressed by them.  It suits me - I love my blueberries and am disinclined to share.

Pinni's nose was hanging over the edge of the grids, eager for her goodies.  She had heard the fridge and the rattling of the cranberry container.  I gave her the blueberry first.  She snatched it, backed up, and performed her "victory wave" before she settled down to eat it.  That's when the confusion set in.  Pinni dropped the blueberry, then sniffed it.  I could hear her thinking:  It's round, like a cranberry.  It's dark like a cranberry.  It's the same size as a cranberry.  It must be a cranberry.  She bit into it again and immediately spat it out.  This is not a cranberry!  How can that be?  There had been the telltale sounds of fridge and cranberries.  She tried it again.  Nope.  This is not a cranberry. 

At this point, I was trying hard not to laugh and desperately wishing I had my camera set up.  She was so perplexed, staring at this berry that was not what it was supposed to be.  I took pity upon her and gave her the real thing.  She snatched it and snarfed it down.  This!  This is a cranberry.  When I came back later the blueberry had disappeared, so she must have deemed it edible.

I tried the same thing again on Sunday, hoping to film the action.  But Pinni was on to me.  As soon as her teeth sunk into the blueberry, she recognized it as the not-cranberry.  Although it wasn't what she wanted, she didn't spit it out.  Bummer - her initial reaction had been so entertaining, I wanted to share it with you.  Oh, well.  I'm sure I'll capture other goofiness in the future.  Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my blueberries for myself.


  1. Smart Pinniped! Abby-Roo does the same grab-first-ask-questions-later routine too.

  2. I need suggestions on fruits and veggies that i can feed a very picky guinea pig..... currently she only eats, lettuce, cucumber, apples, pears.....she will not touch carrots

  3. Aww, my boar Wilbur does a victory wave, too! He jerks his head up with bell pepper as if to say, "Lookit, everyone, what I got!! Yay!" Pinni's is definitely longer in duration, though.


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