Monday, March 25, 2013

Snuggle Buddies

When Pinniped and Cannoli first met, they had stuffed themselves into the hidey house at Nevins Farm.  I thought it was a fluke due to the stress and the surroundings.  I haven't had guinea pigs voluntarily occupy the same spot since Athena and Vicky.  But even as these two were working things out, I would find them close together.  I didn't think Pinni would approve of all this togetherness, but the snapping at Cannoli has started to wane.

This photo was taken on Saturday.  It makes me chuckle:  just look at Noli adopting the same chill-out pose as Pinni.  She wants to be just like the big pig.


  1. So lovely the girls are getting on and enjoying cuddling together- I wish my girls did this!

  2. Clearly introductions and bonding have been a success! They already look as thick as thieves.


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